Volume - 9, Issue - 3( July / August / Sept /

Title : The Role of Infidelity in the Breakdown of Marriages in 498A: Fears and Dreams

Author's Name :Ms. Sunny

Author's Details :Research Scholar, College : SRMIST, Delhi NCR Campus
Paper ID:RJOE-9301


Title : Narrative Technique of Bhabani Bhattacharya

Author's Name :Dr.Puneet Kumar Upadhyay

Author's Details :Dr.Puneet Kumar Upadhyay
Paper ID:RJOE-9302


Title : Seduction and Subjugation: The Dynamics of Desire and Dependency in "Love's Not, Time's Fool"

Author's Name :1.Ms.Sunny
2.Dr.Nirmal Sharma

Author's Details :1.Research Scholar,Department of English and Foreign Languages, SRMIST Delhi NCR Campus, Ghaziabad
2.Associate Professor, Department of English and Foreign Languages, SRMIST Delhi NCR Campus, Ghaziabad
Paper ID:RJOE-9303


Title : Integrating Qur’anic Texts with Malawian Folklore in Conceptualising Water Metaphors for Rethinking Science in the Humanities

Author's Name :Witness Hassan Mdoka

Author's Details :, Language and Communication Studies Department,Bingu School of Culture and Heritage,Malawi University of Science and Technology

Paper ID:RJOE-9304


Title : Cultural Identity Crisis in the Novel Love’s Not Time’s Fool by Vikas Sharma

Author's Name :1.Gagan Sarawat,2.Bharati Chandrayan,3.Shalini Sharma

Author's Details :Department of English and Foreign Languages, SRM IST, NCR, MODINAGAR E-Mail ID:(gaganjiddi@gmail.com) (bharatim@srmist.edu.in) (Shalinip@srmist.edu.in)3

Paper ID:RJOE-9305


Title : Hybridity: Perspectives And Reflections

Author's Name :Dr.Nagula Ankanna

Author's Details :Registrar Rayalaseema University, Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh

Paper ID:RJOE-9306


Title : The Colour of the Music in Roopa Farooki's ‘The Way Things Look To Me’

Author's Name :1.S.Yasmeen Firdous

Author's Details :1.Ph. D Research Scholar (Part-Time),PG and Research Department of English, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Salem-636007, Tamil Nadu,E-Mail: yasmeensulthan128@gmail.com
2.Associate Professor of English & Head, PG and Research Department of English, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Salem-636007, Tamil Nadu.
Paper ID:RJOE-9307


Title : "Navigating Childhood Trauma and Resilience: Lessons from Golding, Twain, and Collins"

Author's Name :1.Litty Jose
2.Dr. Sharanjit Kaur

Author's Details :1.Ph D Research Scholar, Department of English T University Ludhiana, Punjab,littyjose945@gmail.com
2.Assistant Professor, Department of English T University,Ludhiana, Punjab
Paper ID:RJOE-9308


Title : Narrating the known and the unknown: Orientalism and mimicry in the travel writings of Sake Dean Mahomet and Mahipatram Rupram Nilkanth

Author's Name :Dhairya Barot

Assistant Professor,P P Savani University, Surat – 394125 Email id: barotdhairya20@gmail.com
Paper ID:RJOE-9309


Title : "Diasporic Longing and Cultural Fragmentation in Geetanjali Shree’s Tomb of Sand: Themes of Home and Exile"

Author's Name :1.Devinder Kumar
2.Dr Ravinder Kumar

2 (Supervisor),Department of English, Desh Bhagat University, Mandi Gobindgarh,Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib; Panjab, India
Paper ID:RJOE-93010

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Title : Ethnographic Realism in Mahaswetha Devi’s Imaginary Maps

Author's Name :Dr.M.Nivedita

Assistant Professor, Department of English, and Head, Department of Languages, University College of Science, Saifabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Paper ID:RJOE-93011

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Title : Problematising Sex and Gender: Reconsideration of Freud concerning the Select Poem Home they Brought Her Warrior Dead

Author's Name :Dr.Govind K Rasal

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Avvaiyar Government College for Women Karaikal, Puducherry
Paper ID:RJOE-93012

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Title : William Wordsworth's Prelude as an autobiographical poem- An overview

Author's Name :1.Dr. G. Kiran Kumar Reddy 2.Dr.B.Srikanth Reddy

1.Assistant Professor in English,RGMCET, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh,India,E-Mail: kiran.mokshita@gmail.com , ORCID ID:0000-0002- 1161-5698
2.Lecturer in English,RGUKT IIIT,Iddipulapaya,Andhra Pradesh,India,E-Mail:srered@gmail.com,ORCID ID:0009-0004-9759-4761
Paper ID:RJOE-93013

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Title : Politics of Marginality and the Discourse of Othering: A Feminist Study of Narrative Strategy in Bama's Sangati and Vanmam

Author's Name :Dr.Devika rani

Rtd. Prof. of English,Post Graduate Dept. of Studies in English Manasa Gangotri, University of Mysuru,Mysuru 570006
Paper ID:RJOE-93014

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Title :Relevance of Poetry in English for Engineering Students

Author's Name :1.Mrs.B.V.Gurulakshmi 2.Mrs.T.Silpa

1.Assistant Professor of Humanities and Science, SVR Engineering College,Nandyal, AP, India; Corresponding Author Email: lakshmi.hs@svrec.ac.in
2.Assistant Professor of Humanities and Science, S V College of Engineering, Kadapa, AP, India,Email: silpatandra@gmail.com
Paper ID:RJOE-93015

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